Cookie Policy


What are cookies?

As clarified by the Competition Authority for Privacy, cookies are small text files – made of letters and numbers – “that the sites visited by the user send to their device (usually to the browser), where they are memorized in order to be sent to the same sites during the following visit by the same user”. Cookies can be memorized only for the time necessary to visit a site (session cookies) or for a longer period of time, not connected to the session (persistent cookies). Cookies operate with the content of the website and usually improve its use and the web browsing experience. They allow Cedas to know the content viewed, the selections made and any use of the Site by the user. This function also allows CEDAS. to offer the most useful advertising to every single user. Cedas can also collaborate with third party companies that use tracking technologies, to advertise online. These companies can anonymously collect information on the visits to our Site.

For the purposes mentioned above, or for other purposes, cookies collect and record browsing information, although Cedas policy is to leave the user free to decide whether to use them or not. As a consequence, in case the user blocks the use of cookies, some functions of the Site might be blocked, slowed down or not efficient.

Through cookies, Cedas cannot access other information recorded on your device, although that is where cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot upload any code, transmit viruses or malware and cannot damage the user’s device.

Other than to simplify the use of the Site, Cedas uses cookies for other purposes such as: (i) avoid fraudulent use; (ii) improve the site, the product offer of Cedas and their sale etc.

User’s Consent

By visiting any page of Cedas, the user will see information about the cookie policy. By closing this information by clicking on the dedicated button or outside the banner and continuing the browsing, the user agrees to our use of cookies according to this Cookie Policy.

The site memorizes the user’s choice, therefore the information will not be shown in other sessions from the same device. However, the user can always revoke completely or in part the authorization.

Should there be technical problems related to the authorization, please contact us using one of the ways specified on this site.

What cookies do we use?

Currently the site is using the following cookies with the functions listed below, that the user can enable or disable in the “Cookie settings” section at the end of every Site page.



Cedas releases technical session and browsing cookies. These cookies are necessary for browsing because they allow the correct use of the Site and its full functions. They include those cookies that allow to view the content in the selected language at every access, by identifying the nation the user is connecting from (and memorizing such information for future access). These cookies are necessary to the functioning of the Site and their disabling can jeopardize the experience and the successful browsing. This category also includes analytical cookies that allow, through other IT systems, the statistical analysis of the users’ browsing on the Site, with the aim of understanding the user’s experience. They include for example cookies that record the number of clicks on a Site page and the number of pages visited. Such analysis takes place on aggregated and anonymous data and has exclusively statistical purposes. They are not necessary for the functioning of the Site but being processed anonymously, they do not jeopardize the interests of the data owner. For the release of these cookies, the consent of the User is not necessary.

Cedas also releases cookies functional to the use of the Site. These cookies allow Cedas to facilitate and improve the use of the Site by the user. They are not necessary for the use of the Site, but they facilitate and speed its use. Also for the release of these cookies, the consent of the User is not necessary, and it is always possible not to allow their activation on the device.

Cedas also releases consent technical cookies. These cookies keep track of the consent given by the user to the use of cookies on this site, in order not to propose the cookie policy information and consent request during future visits. For the release of these cookies, the consent of the User is not necessary.


This site uses Google Analytics, a service for the analysis of web traffic provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway – Mountain View – CA94043 USA, that uses cookies to provide its services and analyses traffic. Your IP address and your user agent are shared with Google, together with the metrics on performance and safety, in order to guarantee a quality service, generate usage statistics, identify and fight possible abuses. These cookies are then used to collect information on the way Users browse the Cedas Site.

For more information on how Google processes personal data, Click here. To know how to disable Google’s cookies READ HERE

How can I disable cookies?

For more information and to modify cookie settings, including their enabling and disabling, it is possible to access the dedicated area linked in the footer of the Site under “Cookie Settings”.

Moreover, the browser settings allow the User to be notified every time a new cookie is sent, or to completely disable cookies. Their complete disabling might jeopardize many functions, or the correct browsing or visualization of the Site or other web page