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Cedas Platform Lifts (Hydraulic/screw with lifting ring)
Cedas Platform Lifts series are a shaft and an engine room all in one, making installation simple without requiring any major structural alteration or drastic architectural adaptations. Cedas Platform lift series fit into all type of environment; it can be installed both inside and outside. Cedas Platform lift series doesn't need machine room or pit or header and is both quick and easy to install.
Cedas Easy Move Progression - This series is a vertical platform lift which can be installed in a standard build shaft way with a pit depth of 120 mm or without a pit. The size of the platform can be tailored to your needs. The quality of material used as well as the large range of colours and finishes available, makes Cedas Easy Move Progression perfectly integrate into your surroundings. It demands no modification or alteration of the existing building interiors or aesthetics. The fastidious passenger enjoys a smooth and silent ride, only a hydraulic system can ensure and it is completely Italian.
  • Only occupies the space strictly necessary to overcome architectural barriers with complete safety for the user
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Quick to install with no invasive building works
  • Reliable, with payload 400 kg
  • Telephone and infrared barriers on free walls: the safety devices are really complete
  • Vimec quality guarantee
Cedas Easy Living - This series concentrates on customer needs regarding safety and comfort. Cedas Easy Living can be perfectly adapted to a wide variety of public and residential buildings. Cedas Easy Living requires very a little space and no particular architectural changes (pit, header and machine room)
  • Only occupies the space strictly necessary to ensure the user’ comfort and safety
  • Various personalization options
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Quick to install with no invasive building works
  • Reliable, and with payload of no less than 400 kg
  • Telephone dialer and infrared barriers on free walls: the safety devices are really complete
  • Vimec quality guarantee
Cedas Ecovimec - Cedas Eco lift gives added value to all homes through simple tailor-made installations, both indoors and out. Available in versions from two to five floors, it is an ideal system both for renovation projects and for new buildings: no masonry works are required. Low energy consumption Noiseless, class-leading Carrying capacity of 400 kg, without counterweight MRL Machine Roomless
Convenient, effortless
Quiet and discreet, it is absolutely convenient even for transporting the shopping, child buggies, and any other heavy or bulky item from one floor to another within the home. With the Cedas Eco, getting around the house could not be easier.
You and your home deserve a lift which is tailored to suit you not only in its functions but also in its design and personalized finishes; the colors and trims available ensure your Easy Living is just as you want it, the perfect match for its context and your taste. Getting onto a Cedas Eco lift gives you a feeling of comfort and safety, and using it will become a natural part of your daily life.
The Vimec technology guarantees you a product at the state of the art from every point of view. The manufacturer’s warranty allows you to cut servicing costs and enjoy all the benefits of quality construction.
Cedas Victory THN - This Swedish series of vertical platform lift is especially designed to easily fit into your building with a pit depth of only 50 mm. It has an open character with optional glass walls and standard glazed doors, creating a feeling of spaciousness and comfort because of the modest dimensions. The opening the door can be varied from floor to floor on any of the three sides. Cedas Victory THN is driven by screw and lifting ring and its shaft and machine room is all in one.
Cedas Silverstep - This is an ideal solution assuring the accessibility for vertical travel up to 2 meters. The Cedas Silverstep platform lift is the ideal way of assuring the accessibility of private premises (banks, restaurants, shops, offices ...),public buildings (schools, institutes, ....), Homes and residential buildings. Easy installation and safety when in use makes Silverstep an ideal system for freedom of access to buildings of all types, assuring wheelchair users independent personal mobility.

Silverstep's outstanding features include a stainless steel structure, design with attention to every detail and state-of-the-art active and passive safety features, as well of course as the well proven Vimec mechanical drive systems. The on-board and floor control panels are equipped with keys and can be used easily.

Cedas Silver step Vimec can be installed outside with special protective packing and sealing to safe guard the unit from different weather conditions of different regions. This lift for external installations comes with protective packing and sealing against rain, snow, sand storm etc.
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