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Cedas Home Elevators
Cedas new generation home elevators creates a happy, comfortable and safe living space for you and your family. Building or renovating, Cedas Home elevators are a perfect choice. Cedas offer a range of residential lifts to suite everyone.

With Cedas free your imagination to create a product which is in perfect harmony with your home. You can choose a finished result that will best suit your personality. The result will be a unique object, which you are proud of.
CEDAS Home Comfort - Cedas Home Comfort is a Standard and custom hydraulic / machine room / machine room less elevators for commercial and residential applications. Cedas Home Comfort can be exclusively custom built to suit the interiors and demands no modification or alteration of the existing building interiors or aesthetics. . This can be designed either with machine room or machine room less according to the architectural or client demands.
CEDAS Diana - This elevator series has this quality in terms of its cabin depth, elegance and technology. The Sweet Diana series is flexible in its use of space, and the dual entrance provides easier access for those in wheelchair. (The dual entrance is applicable to DAP 3 Passengers only.)
CEDAS Venus - This series represents a beautiful and elegant design. The smaller hoist way requirement and the door’s wider opening (up to 100cm) enable to transport articles, furnishings and other materials conveniently. Its versatility brings more fun and ease to life.
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