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Escalators and Moving Walks
CEDAS LIWING escalators and moving walks adopt the top notch technology, which not only comply with the EN 115 and GB 16899-1997 standards, also meet CNS rules. The delicate appearance design and smooth operation give brand new feelings of comfort, safety and aesthetic to the passengers. These products are well and precisely designed with a display features that facilitates maintenance and services. They are applicable to various public places such as shopping malls, airports, exhibition halls and overpasses etc. Product brochures are available on request.

Aesthetic elegance and flexibility are concepts expected more than ever. Our escalator Series comes in a simple, yet sophisticated design, offering the utmost in flexibility to blend with any building decor. Our years of accumulated experience in safety-oriented production, based on a strong belief in the importance of safety, have led to a variety of safety features, as well as a wide range of value-added functions that help you customize your own escalators, creating uniqueness in and incomparable value for your building properties.

The Cedas Liwin Escalator fulfils and indeed exceeds customer expectations, through the collaboration and utmost performance of visual, functional and safety elements. Feel the elegance, high quality and comfort of our Cedas Liwin escalators and moving walks Series in your building.
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